While I had every intention of continuing to blog after my return from Africa in June of 2012, good intentions do not imply committed action. A year later, my sophomore year of college behind me, another adventure awaits me.

This summer, I am interning for The Pangea Network, a small non-profit located in The Woodlands, Texas — my hometown. Pangea is committed to empowering and improving the lives of women living in extreme poverty. They work in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, as well as here in the U.S. Check them out on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram to see what kinds of cool projects we are working on!

I will also be returning to the Dominican Republic in just a few weeks! This will be my 5th mission trip there, so I feel confident in saying that this place is like home to me, and the people are like my family. I will be traveling with a team of students from Faith Bible Church. This will be my 2nd year to lead a 5-day dance workshop for all of the girls in Cotui, the village where we work, and I am beyond excited!

I have learned so much about the world and the nature of poverty this past year at SMU. Economic development, African history, cultural anthropology, French, and human rights courses have expanded my mind and enriched my base of knowledge. Hopefully this summer, I will grow not only in my knowledge, but in my experience with these issues as well. Keep following as I struggle to make sense of the vast disparity of wealth that exists in this world, where I fit into it all, and how to make a meaningful difference.




My dance class in the Dominican Republic last year!