Hello world! Friends of mine, perhaps even a relative or two, or any others who somehow stumbled upon my humble blog… Welcome! First of all, I cannot get over the fact that I have my own website – the very existence of http://www.katieschaible.com makes me feel very important and official. I’m like Emma Watson! Sort of.

So the reason I started this blog is plain and simple: I love to write. I have every intention of pursuing a future in which I CHANGE THE WORLD through the written word. As a bright-eyed college student brimming with ambition and curiosity, I feel as if my whirlwind of a life might offer up some sort of amusement, and hopefully a teense of inspiration (“teense” is a charming and useful word derived by my mother, the noun form of “teensy,” interchangeable with “tad bit” or “petite amount”).

Follow along for stories from my travels, interesting reading suggestions, and opinions on various global issues.